English Lessons for Children with Animals

Meet my Finger Puppet Friends


Today I’m going to introduce you to my finger puppets. We have a pig, shark, turtle, lion and a cow. My new friends will help us practice our English!

Meet my Finger Puppet Friends2021-05-09T09:49:14+00:00

More New Finger Puppet Friends


Today we get to practice our English with more finger puppet friends! We have a frog, moose, rabbit, mouse and a parrot.

More New Finger Puppet Friends2021-05-09T09:48:55+00:00

More Fun with Finger Puppets


Today we are going to review our new vocabulary with some of our finger puppets. With a turtle, parrot, lion, pig and a cow there is never a dull moment!

More Fun with Finger Puppets2021-05-09T09:48:32+00:00

Animal Guessing Game


In today’s video we are going to guess which animal it is. I am going to give you clues and you guess which animal I am talking about!

Animal Guessing Game2021-05-09T09:47:54+00:00

Animal Odd One Out


Do you remember out fun game Odd One Out where we choose which thing doesn’t belong with the others? We’re going to practice our English playing that game but this time with animals.

Animal Odd One Out2021-05-09T09:47:06+00:00
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