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Fun educational video lessons for your children to learn English

Hello, my name is Gaëlle Many. Welcome to my website!

Here you can find fun lessons for your children to practice and improve their English. Our lessons include thinking games and activities, exercises, stories, holidays and more! Every lesson includes the topic video, pdf workbook and workbook answers video.

Come back every week for a new lesson!

Lesson Categories

  • meet my animal friends!

  • WHAT DOESN’T belong?

  • let’s get in shape!

  • Use your imagination!

  • trees, plants and more!

  • put on your gloves!

  • time for calculating!

  • what do we celebrate?

Latest Lessons

May 9th, 2021|In the Snow|

In today's lesson I am doing some charades in the snow and you have to guess what each one is.

May 6th, 2021|In the Snow|

What fun activities can we do in the snow? Cook? Make a sand castle? No, we can't! But we can make a snowman, have a snow fight or build a snow fort.

May 6th, 2021|Odd One Out|

In this video we are going to look at more food and decide what belongs and what doesn’t belong! Which one is the odd one out?


“Incredible videos, my little ones enjoy them a lot and learn English at the same time !! Their favorites are the exercise ones, you can hear the laughter from afar … my favorites are the bedtime stories, it’s a lnice moment we spend together listening to you before going to bed … even I’m learning with the videos, they are in a  simple language and very clear !! wonderfully easy to understand. Thank you Gaelle for this fantastic job !!! You are wonderful !! We look forward to your next videos !!!!”

Leticia Fernandez

“Gaëlle is the best teacher our daughters have ever had. Carla started learning with her when she was 2 and a half years old and today at 9 she has a level well above other children her age with a spectacular British accent. Gaëlle is an involved, responsible, professional, enthusiastic person who loves her students and makes learning English fun. For Carla, spending time with Gaëlle has not been an obligation but fun, she learned while playing and has achieved fluency in the use of the language that now makes it easier for her to learn sciences and other subjects in English. Thank you Gaëlle for teaching our daughters.”

Cristina Ontoso

“Great videos for kids. My kids love them and they learn and review a lot. They seem very entertaining and fun. They are really useful for the kids to review and listen to English while repeating and learning in a fun way. The videos are very elaborate and different from any others that I have seen. Congratulations Gaelle. We look forward to the next video.”

Vanessa Jimenez

“Gaēlle has taught my son and she is wonderful. She is loving, professional, responsible, she prepares every last detail of the classes for the children to learn. My son loves her a lot, she has fun and learns a lot.”

Vanessa Garcia

“Gaëlle gave my children private French lessons from 2014 to 2020. Thanks to her, the children have learned the language in a fun & natural way. Playfully and adapting to their interests, Gaëlle has managed not only to get them to learn vocabulary and pronounce beautifully, but also to internalize grammatical structures in such a way that they have developed an “ear” to detect how the language sounds.

The method that she has used with them has been based heavily on play and the recreation of everyday situations; On the other hand, the language they used in class, from the time she appeared at home, was always French, and he only used Spanish very occasionally, so much so that the children thought that their teacher could not speak Spanish.

Aside from her ability to teach, we must add her personal involvement and the affection that she has developed for the children, which has obviously been reciprocal. Gaëlle was a playmate, but at the same time, as an adult, a person with authority and from whom they received instructions and who guided the classes. Today her personal circumstances have led her to move far from us, but we maintain bonds of friendship and my children are always happy to rediscover the person who introduced them to the French language effortlessly and with a playful spirit. Although the time of having class with her has passed, we wish Gaëlle much success in her professional future and we will always be grateful for her involvement and her loving support in our children’s learning.”

Nuria Prieto

“My children, Gabriel and Rafael, and I have been watching Gaëlle’s videos for a few months. Every time I offer to show her videos the kids get excited, this is useful screen time (as opposed to useless cartoons)! Gaëlle’s lessons are very progressive, presenting one topic at a time in a playful way. The children don’t get bored and they ask for more since the games are interactive and fun!”

Celine Petit

“Gaëlle is an excellent professional, she teaches with enthusiasm, the children are motivated and they really learn English.”

Laura Maurez
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